Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson


I'm a contributing writer, photographer and Blog host at 'Outlaw Magazine', 'Fine Art Magazine', and Awaiting the Flood. 

Coming Soon... the art and music of Eerie Von ...


pphoto by Aaron Vegas for Outlaw Magazine
...Jason and Polly Punkneck

Features and related media...
photography by Allison Murphy
related video Blogs:
My Levon Helm Tribute
Related Features...
Howlin' the Blues with Hubert Sumlin
Interview With the Levon Helm Band's Brian Mitchell
related photo Blog: NYC Photos at Hubert Sumlin by Kate Black
LLonesome Liz at Hubert Sumlin
photo by Kate Black
Mike Seeger 's Last Interview: Part One
Mike Seeger InterviewPart Two
related blog: Mike Seeger in Retrospect
Songs Inspired by Talks With Mike Seeger 
(lyrics and video by Lonesome Liz) 
Townes Van Zandt Feature

St. John the Gambler, Townes Van Zandt
recorded by Lonesome Liz on St. John's Eve

Interviews with Wes Freed
art by Wes Freed
 from our show with Timbuk III's Pat MacDonald
Related Video...

Music by Drive-by Truckers artist Wes Freed
video by Ron Thomas Smith, cameo by Lonesome Liz
Fulsom Prison with Jesco the Dancing Outlaw
video by Ron Thomas Smith
Hasil Adkins, Cuzn Wildweed and Jesco White,
Interview with Ron Thomas Smith, Filmmaker
The Appalachian String Festival
Interview With Michael O'Neill
Searching for Outlaws in Appalachia 

 blogs at GratefulWeb and Outlaw Magazine...

at the Chelsea Hotel with Katelan Foisy
photo by Kate Black
World Bar and Travis Louie,Lones ome Liz in NYC

Top Ten Things Said During the Jesse James Rehearsal Video Shoot

Thirteen Photos from the Haunted Jesse James Video Set

Outlaw Country in Kentucky With Guests from Nashville
Fans Suggested Lonesome Liz Band Names

Bob Dylan, Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie

Newgrass Festival Spotlight: Farewell Drifters
More Farewell Drifters
Songs to Remember Doc Watson By
The Return of the Grateful Dead Movie

Bruce Springsteen, 4th of July, Asbury Park

Happy 100th Birthday Robert Johnson


Hellhound on My Trail

Up Jumped the Devil

Stones in my Passway
Kara Clark Review
Kara Clark,
photo by Anthony Scarlatti

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Lonesome Liz and Kara Clark's Top Ten Things an Outlaw Will Always Have

Lonesome Liz and Kara Clark's Top Ten Things an Outlaw Will Never Have
Nashville Songwriters, a Tornado and Going Home With Kara Clark
Kara Clark and Eerie Von

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