Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson


A Mojo Sideshow Graphic Novel

is in progress! The Mojo Sideshow was a multi-media production/Outlaw Musical featuring art by Wes Freed, (Drive by Truckers), Molly Crabapple, Katelan Foisy and others! Illustrated by Logan Riley who did this amazing drawing of me:

Here’s The Barker:

Barker: Step right up! Step right up!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
come one come all,
you will be amazed.

You will come eager,
leave dazed.

Raise the edge of the curtain there.

Look up at the tightrope walker's dance.
Come in, see the Siamese twins from France.
There's a snake charmer waiting behind that screen.
And, an awful scene
takes place in the lion tamer's room
at half past noon.

Step right up!

See the acrobat and the lady with three eyes?
And me, I've guessed your age, your weight, your lies.
I'll whisper them with hollow whistling sounds
while carnival lights spin round and round.
See the acrobat and the lady with three eyes?

The midgets pick pockets.
The man at the Ferris wheel has unkind designs.
The knife thrower's on the edge of his mind.

Step right up! Step right up!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
come one, come all!
You will be amazed!
You will come eager!
You will leave dazed.

Step right up!

Here’s his Knife Thrower, along with the monologue from the Sideshow, (performed by JB Beverley)

The Knife Throwers Wife: 

His eyes get dim and far away
he laughs like a small boy at play
and he winks and whispers to the knives
as if they were alive.
No one heard.
I soon stopped saying a word.

The Knife Thrower: 

I'd always joked and called her cat
because, I pointed out that
she clearly had at least 9 lives.

She used to close her eyes
each time I threw.
She knew
I'd miss one time;
the streamlined
arc of the blade would sink
before she had time to think.

She got used to it.
She usually wasn't hit.
But sometimes I drank
and the steely knives sank
just barely into wood over skin.
Then I'd do it again

and again

and again. 

Laughing at the spin
of half reckless knives, then
hurl another with abandon.

Everyone wondered if I'd planned it.

She'd been saying I wasn't right for weeks.
For weeks more she just wouldn't speak
at all. She'd flinch with each knife-fall.
She cringed when she heard the Barkers' call.


Step Right Up! Step Right Up!
See the Knife Thrower and his wife.
She rather convincingly looks like she fears for her life.

The Knife Thrower’s Wife: 

His vision bleared.
His thoughts got weird.

The Knife Thrower: 

I raised my arm
intending harm.

The Knife Thrower’s Wife: 

He lost his grip.
He slipped
past the edge of reason.

The Knife Thrower: 

It’s wife slicing season!

The Mojo Sideshow Monologues: and More Mojo Sideshow

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